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The Storytellers: Mission to Educate Dolpo, Sir of the Himalayas – Mr.Binod Shahi

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Mr. Binod Shahi, Founder of Snow Yak Foundation sharing his stories on his initiative to spread education in rural Nepal i.e. Dolpo The Storytellers – Educators’ Series. It was not an easy choice for Binod Shahi, to travel to Dolpa all the way from the privileged capital Kathmandu, especially in the insurgency era. The harsh weather of Dolpa made it even more difficult, almost taking Shahi’s life. But there was no turning back as Dolpa had already chosen him. His story will take you to that side of Nepal, that many of us could not even imagine. Shahi is the founder of Snow Yak Foundation. Snow Yak Foundation (SYF) is formally established as a not for profit, non-government organization working in Upper Dolpa since 2004, with the objective of providing quality education to the children in one of the most remote region of the world solely funded by the Nepalese fraternity around the world.

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