Are you 2g or 3G user ? Get 1 GB Data For Free

Welcome Namaste ,

We are writing this blog because most of the people of Nepal don’t know that Ncell is giving free 1GB data for the customer who upgrades 2g or 3G sim to 4G SIMCARD.

Where you can upgrade your sim cards?

1 . From Ncell Center

2. From Authorized Shop.

3. From Ncell Distributors.

What is the price of Ncell 4G Upgrade?

Seller will charge only Rs 1/-


Can we upgrade sim by myself?

Sure you can. Below are the steps :

  1.  Confirm that you have 4G Supporting Mobile Device.
  2. Go to above Ncell Counter and get one 4G upgrade sim.
  3.  Backup your contacts to your phone memory.
  4.  Now go to new message and write Q and send it to 324.
  5.  If your sim is already in 4G then you will get a message as “4G Already enabled” or If your sim is not 4G yet then you will get a message as “Sim Doesn’t support 4G“.
  6.  If you got a message as “Sim doesn’t support 4G ” then you can head to another step.
  7.  Now type *17120# and wait some time. You will get OTP number in your inbox.  Write down that number in a copy.
  8. Now go to dialing section and type *17120*OTP NUMBER*ICCID Number*PIN# and call.  (Note : OTP NUMBER IS THE NUMBER WHICH IS GIVEN BY NCELL AFTER DIALING *17123#     And USE ICCID NUMBER and PIN  NUMBER WHICH WILL BE IN THE NEW SIM CARD. )
  9. Now you will get a success message.
  10. Your Old sim will not work and now you have to use new sim.


Your 1GB Free Data Will be given by Ncell within or after 48 hours only.   If you have any question regarding this you can call 9005

If you are a shop or an organization or you want to sell sims then you can visit this site and apply.