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Dipika Refused to work with Amir Khan

Bollywood actress Dipika Padukone Refused to work with Amir Khan.  After the failure of “Thugs of Hindustan’  Amir proposed Dipika for new project ‘ Mahabharat ” but she didn’t agree to work with Amir.  The Indian news agency said, ” Dipika Padukone is proposed for a Draupadi role in Mahabharat project but refused to work “.

Amir and Dipika didn’t work any projects till now. Public told they want to see Dipika and Amir in the Mahabharat project but after Dipika refused to work, all expectation ruined.

Amir planned to make up to 8 episode of Mahabharat series. In the ” Thugs of Hindustan ” amir played with a big B ( Amitabh Bachchan ” but that project flopped.

Dipika and Ranbir married and they were on holidays.  Her next shooting of “Meghana Gulzar ” will start from 2019 March.




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