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Earn money online and other way

This is 21st century . Now a days its a very competitive market .  Today we will say about our thoughts for earning money techniques.

People can earn money from different ways :

Follow Your Passion .

  1. If you are a very good status writer .( Facebook or other social Media ) . Then you can open a Facebook Page in some Title . And Start writing status there . In first it will be very hard to get likes and support. But after some while you will grow and you can earn   from advertising .
  2. If you can dance or sing.
    You can create a Youtube channel . And start publishing videos . Share it and if you got more than 10000 views then you can 
  3. If you have a lots of jokes in your mind then you can create a Troll facebook page .  After becoming a famous facebook page you can take money from the advertiser.
  4. If you dont have any money to invest .
    Then you can contact with the importer( Friend Type/ Known  ) . Click photo of the product he /she have and share it in your facebook page or profile or other social media . For people ,It will be too hard  to beleive in your first post. But it takes some times . Then if you get any order of that product then you go to that importer and deliver your product to the costumer.
  5.  If you are a fish lover .
    Buy some guppy . Care them . Breed it. And sale it to the fish shop .
  6. If You are dog lover .
    Buy a good breed. Care them . Breed them . And sale it to pet shop.
  7. Bit coin .
    If you want to make a cash online but its a very difficult process. Sign up here
    You can refer or earn or just roll for free btc( Bit coin) . You need some loyal foreigner friend for this. Transfer your bit coin to their account . They will pay you with paypal  and you can use that amount for boosting and online shopping .
  8. To be continued

If you  think its interesting or beneficial then please comment below . We will share some more info about this  with you soon .

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