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Yama Buddha Songs Collection Audio Jukebox 2018

Yama Buddha Songs Collection Audio Jukebox 2018

### Yama Buddha BIOGRAPHY ###
Anil Adhikari was the most famous rapper in Nepal with over a million Facebook followers. Known by his nickname “Yama Buddha”, he was considered one the best rapper. He was the organizer and host of the first-ever rap battle in Nepal, the Raw Barz.
# Personal Life:- Born in Dhankuta, Yama Buddha and his family moved to Morang when he was 4. He studied in Pathibara Boarding School for grade 4 and 5. Then his family moved to Kathmandu where he studied at The Excelsior School till SLC. Later, he did his plus +2 from Edmark Academy. For his bachelors, he went to London, the United Kingdom where he studied to become IT Engineer. Despite earning his degree, he didn’t pursue a career in IT and instead chose music for his profession. Anil Adhikari is elder of two children. Yama Buddha’s younger sister Asmi Adhikari married Resh Marahatta who is an actor and director of Nepali movies.
## Popular Songs:- Some of his popular songs are Sathi, Yo Prasanga and Ma Futchhu Tara Jhukdina.
# Yama Buddha Marriage:- Yama Buddha married Ashmita Adhikari in 2013. The wedding was held in Kathmandu, Nepal and attended by celebrities and politicians.
# What is Yama Buddha meaning? Yama Buddha, the stage name of Anil Adhikari is a combination of “Yama” which means the god of death and “Buddha” which means god of peace. In one of the interview, he mentioned how Yama Buddha represents the phase he went through and made him the person I became.
## Yama Buddha Death and Controversy:- Yama Buddha was found dead at his bathroom on 14 January 2017 at around 6 AM. It was reported that Yama Buddha committed suicide in his home in North London where he lived with his wife and in-laws. However, no suicide notes were found and his death still remains mysterious.
### Why Yama Buddha Died? Right after his death, a story was circulated on social media which claimed Yama Buddha was working with London Post and one of the fans spotted him when he was delivering the package. The fan took a selfie and it was supposedly viral on social media. Things like this led to him being depressed and embarrassed for not being able to follow his music career and he considered suicide.
### Yama Buddha ##
# NICKNAME: Yama Buddha
DATE OF BIRTH: May 30, 1987
PLACE OF BIRTH: Salakpur Morang,
SPOUSE: Ashmita Adhikari
FATHER NAME: Ambika Prasad Adhikari
PROFESSION: Rapper, Singer
EDUCATION: Edmark Academy, Pathibhara Boarding school, The Excelsior School
RELIGION: Hinduism
HEIGHT: 5 ft 8 ft
WEIGHT: 60 kg



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